Monday, October 29, 2007

Italia Youth Vestis

I found Robert on the mall on campus today, perched stylishly on a short brick wall. Later when we met for the photo, he brought his beautiful and chic friend, Camille! Lucky us!

Both are 18 year old freshmen! What style for such youth!

At first, Robert reminded me of Felini movies; Marcello Mastroianni; but with a modern British Burberry twist. Here are two styles that seem to be what Robert has blended.

This is Robert (our campus fashion hero):

This is Marcello Mastroianni:

This is a runway model:

This is Robert's friend, Camille. They met at their dorm.
She proudly told me that, "Everything from my waste down was my mother's." Her mother was is from Croatia, and got a lot of her stuff from European companies that don't deal in the U.S. (yet!).

Here are the details of Camille's outfit:

"I really love retro culture and librarians so i try to combine the two into something somewhat modern. The skirt I had, i love because it's super high waisted and that just reminds me of old time movies. It's Kenzo, and the leggings are something my mom tossed to me."

Boots: Bloomingdales
Belt: Mom's
Shirt: Hollister
Undershirt: Lucky
Headband: Deborah Rhodes (From Mom)

Here they are together

Robert's outfit:

Glasses: 49 cent bin at a thrift store
Jacket: Thrift store
Pants: Thrift store
Sweater: Vintage store in Richmond, VA
Scarf (Burberry knock-off): NYC street vendor. Robert says, "...even though I have a passion for the real deal".
White dress shirt (hidden under scarf): department store
Thin 50s era black tie (hidden): vintage store

"The shoes, my pride and joy joy joy, are from Paris, and are probably the most expensive thing i own. The jewelry is just eclectic stuff from here and there, a ring from Arizona, one from Wales, and i made the bracelets."

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