Friday, September 14, 2007

Oculus Vas

I just absolutely LOVE these glasses! They suit their wearer so well that I had to snap her picture. These were taken at the College Perk coffee house north of campus. These girls made the most of the night by ordering s'mores!

This is where I'll put all of my sightings of excellent eye glasses. These pictures are great examples of how glasses can add a lot of whimsy and style to a simple outfit.

These examples are both of students.

Ismeil had a hard time choosing between the brown or black version of these amazing frames, but settled on black. Good choice, sir! I really think that the black emphesises the form of the frames. But he avoided telling me where he got them exactly, only saying, in a guy-like way, "I don't know! From the glasses place!" I also snapped a picture of Ismeill's unmatching shoelaces, which add subliminal asymetry. Ismeil's photo was taken outside the Armory building.

The female student is wearing frames with a great shape that were formerly tortoise shell, but are now brushed silver, thanks to her own SHARPIE MARKER coloring! I was so surprised when she told me that coloring her own glasses was a totally spontaneous decision. Brava, Lady! I think the shiny color looks brave and bold, but also sleek, against her dark skin tone. Her picture was taken outside the Clarice Smith Performing Arts Center.

Before it gets too dark and dreary, I'm hoping to catch a few great sunglasses examples around campus, too! Let me know if you know someone with extraordinary glasses! I want to take their picture!

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